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Maintaining your Bockmann

Maintaining seals

All Bockmann floats need their seals maintained throughout the duration of their use. Overtime, seals can deteriorate or become damaged with use. The seals that most commonly need renewing are located  on the surround of the tailgate, the interior seals around the rubber floor and the exterior seals. 

* please note: the tailgate on Bockmann floats has a panel of marine plywood. if this seal isn't maintained and liquid is able to enter the timber, this will lead to rot over time. 

Cleaning your float 

To clean your Bockmann float we recommend using a soft broom / cleaning mitt with our Bockmann float cleaner. Avoid using a pressure cleaner or abrasive cleaning products on the exterior of the float. Using harsh cleaning methods will damage the exterior coating on the fibreglass shell. 

Spare Parts Enquiry

we are the exclusive supplier of genuine bockmann spare parts in AUSTRALIA , for all of your spare part needs, please get in touch!


please EMAIL INFO@BOECKMANNAUSTRALIA.COM include your floats VIn# (begins with wb0) as well as a description AND PHOTO of the spare parts you require

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